Welcome to MyLinkables!

    Introducing the coupon you cannot forget! Linkable Offers are very simple. You see a coupon you like and you link it to your credit card. It redeems automatically. You simply shop and pay. Cool, right! Still not completely sure how they work? No problem! This is a new thing. Watch the video and it will give you a better understanding of how it works. If you're still unsure, drop us an email, call or tweet. We'll get right back to you!

    Here's the thinking behind Linkable. We've all used a paper coupon. You may have printed a coupon from a website or "loaded" a coupon to your store loyalty card. You may have even shown a cashier a coupon on your smartphone (how'd that work out for you? Awesome, we’re sure!). Eventually, these all worked. But, they require effort on your part as the shopper. And, there's nothing worse than forgetting a coupon. Did you know that 79% of people in a recent Forrester survey said they didn't make a purchase in the store because they forgot a coupon? Yup! We’ve all been there.

    This is the future of couponing and you are on the forefront (feel free to pat yourself on the back right now). The idea may seem a little crazy now, but so did Uber in 2009, Facebook in 2004, the television in 1927 and the first tool over 2.6 million years ago... okay, maybe that last one is a stretch. The point is, this is new. But, it's not just new for sake of being new. It's better, faster and easier... for you and the retailers you shop at. And, the best part? There is nothing to print, no promo codes to enter and no app to download!

    Watch how it works!

    Here's how it works...

    • swipe

      You simply pay with your registered credit or debit card and you'll automatically receive your savings.

    • save

      Your savings appear on your account as a credit typically within 3 days. You should now tell your friends how awesome and easy this is!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You have questions, we have answers. And, if you don't see what you're looking for, hit us up using the feedback button on the top of the page.

    The Basics

    • How do I save money with MyLinkables?

      Simply link an offer you find from your favorite deal sites, select retailers and restaurants or your bank's site to your credit or debit card. Once linked, you will automatically receive your savings after you shop or dine. Think of it as a coupon without the paper, printing, clipping, forgetting or hassle of downloading yet another app.

    • What does it cost to use MyLinkables?

      The best things in life are free. MyLinkables is free. So, does that make MyLinkables one of the best things in life? Quite possibly. And, did we mention that there is no cost of any kind to consumers for using MyLinkables?

    • Will my credit or debit card be charged?

      You will NEVER be charged by MyLinkables for anything. In fact, the only thing we do is put money INTO your account. If only everything worked this way.

    • How do I receive my savings?

      Savings are automatically credited to your account after you make the qualifying purchase. This happens between 1-3 business days on average. It varies by retailer and restaurant. If it's been more than 5 business days, let us know. We'll find out why.

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    Using a Linkable Offer

    • Where can I find a Linkable Offer?

      Anywhere you see the Links you have uncovered a Linkable Offer. You can find a complete list of publishers offering Linkable Offers in the Available Offers section of MyLinkables. Simply select the site and search for offers.

    • How do I redeem my offer?

      Pay. Seriously, that's it. All you have to do is pay with the card you linked the offer to and you will automatically receive the savings. We'll shoot you an email to let you know that you've made a qualifying purchase and then another one when the money has been credited to your account.

    • Do I need to present anything at the point of sale?

      No. By linking an offer to your card you have become a Coupon Ninja. Tell no one... Wait! Tell everyone because this is way better than paper or an app!

    • How can I learn more about a particular offer?

      When viewing an offer, hover over the "More Details" label associated with each offer to see the detailed terms and conditions, along with other information about the offer and about your link activity.

    • If I unlink an offer, can I Link it again?

      Maybe. Maybe not. How's that for clarity? There is no guarantee that an unlinked offer will be available to Link again. It's up to the retailer, brand or restaurant to set the limits on the number of times an offer has been linked. So, take our advice and don't unlink an offer. But, if you must, or did so accidentally, then just go back to the site you found the offer and Link it again. If it Links, then you're hooked up. If it doesn't Link, you will be publicly shamed by your friends and high school gym teacher.

    • How can I see which offers I have linked to my cards?

      The Linked Offers page shows the offers you have linked to a card that have not yet been redeemed or expired. The Redeemed Offers page shows offers that have been successfully redeemed (yay!). The Expired Offers page shows offers that expired before being redeemed (booh!)

    • How will I know that the offer has been successfully redeemed?

      We will send an email confirming redemption, typically within a few days of the purchase, and the offer will move from the "Linked Offers" page to the "Redeemed Offers" page.

    • How can I check the status on offers I have redeemed?

      The "Redeemed Offers" page indicates the status of each redeemed offer. An offer moves from the "Linked Offers" page to the "Redeemed Offers" page after the purchase transaction has cleared. This can be several days after the purchase occurred.

    • What does it mean if a redeemed offer status is "pending"?

      This status means that your offer has been redeemed and your savings are in process but have not yet been delivered to you.

    • I made a purchase several days ago, but my offer is still showing as Linked, as opposed to Redeemed. Why?

      In some cases, merchants may take several days to post transactions. If an offer has not moved from the Linked Offers page to Redeemed Offers page within five days of the transaction, please use the Feedback button in the upper right of MyLinkables to alert our customer support team. We'll find out what's up!

    • Why is an offer in the "Expired" section if I redeemed it before the expiration date?

      In some cases, a transaction occurring close to the offer's expiration date will not clear until after the expiration date. Until your transaction clears, the offer will temporarily move into the "Expired" section. As soon as your transaction clears, the offer will move to the "Redeemed" section and you will receive your savings as expected. If you redeem an offer before the expiration date, and the status does not shift to redeemed within five days, please use the Feedback button in the upper right of MyLinkables to alert our customer support team.

    • What does the expiration date mean on an offer?

      If you don't know what an expiration date is, we're going to have someone come hit you in the head with a tack hammer. (Ever see Tommy Boy? Watch the video. It's a good laugh!) But, just in case... the expiration date is the last date you can shop or dine and utilize that offer.

    • What is "minimum spend" and what does it mean if an offer does not have a "minimum spend?"

      The "minimum spend" for an offer is the minimum amount you have to spend in order to qualify for the savings. If an offer has no minimum spend, it means that you will receive the savings on any purchase from the associated merchant.

    • Do I have to spend the qualifying amount in one transaction or can I spread it out over multiple transactions?

      The qualifying amount must be spent in one transaction. The first qualifying transaction after you link the offer to your card will count toward redemption. For example, if the minimum spend is $10 and you spend $9 on your next trip to the retailer or restaurant, you will not receive your savings. If you return a second time and spend $11, you will receive your savings because you have met the requirement for minimum spend set by the retailer or restaurant. Either way, it's still less complicated than filing your taxes.

    • When will I receive the money for my redeemed offer?

      Settlement typically takes one to four days following the transaction. This timeframe can vary based on each merchant as some merchants wait to process their transactions in a "batch" or group of transactions. Others process the transaction immediately. You'll know because we'll send you an email once the transaction has been processed. Shortly after that, you will receive a second email confirming that the savings has been credited to your account. Then, you sit back and ponder the many reasons you are a smarter shopper than most.

    • Why didn't I receive the savings for my offer?

      That sucks! And, it shouldn't happen! If you believe you have fulfilled the terms of the offer, but have not received the appropriate credit, please contact us via the Feeback form on the top of the page. Please let us know if you've not received a redemption confirmation email, the redemption is not displayed on the "Redeemed Offers" page, and/or it has been over five days since you shopped. This will help us figure out what's going on. We apologize for this inconvenience.

    • Is there a limit on how many times I can link the same offer?

      Typically, you can only link an offer once. This information is displayed within the offer details. If an offer can be linked to your card more than once, you must click the "link" button the number of times desired. Once you've reached the maximum number of links, you will see "This offer has already been linked to your account."

    • What is the limit per person? If the limit is two can I use that offer twice on the same card? Can I link it to two cards, and use it once on each card?

      The limit per person is the total number of times the same person can link a single offer. You can link the offer multiple times to one card or link it to several cards. Once each card achieves the requirements for the Linkable Offer, you will receive your savings.

    • If I make a purchase before I link an offer, will I receive the savings?

      No. Unless you own a time machine.

    • If I link an offer to my card, do I get its value every time I shop?

      No. A linked offer may only be used once. Some offers may be linked multiple times.

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    Using a Scannable Offer

    • How do I join MyLinkables

      Joining My Linkables is easy! Become a member by creating an account with your email address and register with one or more of your favorite credit or debit cards.

    • How will I receive payment from MyLinkables?

      The best part about MyLinkables is that you don't have to reach a balance. Once your submission has been approved we send your cash back right to your registered credit or debit card. No waiting, no hassles, no checks, just savings right on your card.

    • Where can I use MyLinkables?

      Linkable offers can be redeemed two ways. For receipt scanning, we currently support the United States (the 50 states of the United States, the District of Columbia). Card Linked Offers are redeemed at the retailer locations featured within the app.

    • Can I use other coupons and MyLinkable offers together?

      Yes! You can earn MyLinkables Cash Back in combination with any other coupon or discount, unless otherwise stated. To find out whether you can use a coupon with one of our offers, tap into the offer to see any conditions.

    • How long do I have to upload my receipts?

      You must submit your receipts while the offers you are claiming are live. Check the offer details for more information.

    • How do I make sure I bought the right item(s)?

      Please read the offer details by clicking the offer on your offer list. This will give you everything you need to know, including any specifications about product size, flavor, variety, etc. You can only earn Cash Back for the exact product listed, so please read the details carefully.

    • How do I make sure my receipt photo can be processed?

      Please make sure your receipt photos are clear and easy to read. You will get your cash back faster when you show:

      • - Date of purchase
      • - Store name or logo on the receipt
      • - Total purchase amount
      • - All the items you are claiming

    • What do I do when the receipt won't fit in one photo?

      Simply take multiple photos by clicking the "Add Section" button. Keep adding sections until you have photographed the entire receipt.

    • How long does it take for my receipt to be processed?

      Most receipts are processed within 48 hours of being uploaded. Some receipts take longer and might go through a review process. Receipts that require manual review can take between 48-72 hours to be processed.

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    Managing your account

    • What information does MyLinkables require?

      MyLinkables requires a valid email address and enrollment of at least one card. Your email address is your login and ID.

    • What kinds of cards can be registered with MyLinkables?

      MyLinkables supports all MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit and debit cards issued by a United States bank or credit union. If you have any trouble registering your card, please contact Customer Support by using the Feedback widget in MyLinkables.

    • How do I add a card to MyLinkables?

      Go to My Account. Select the "Add a new card" button in the "My cards" section. This will prompt you to add your card information.

    • How do I manage notification messages?

      On the "My Account" page, use the "Notifications" section to manage which notifications you receive, to which address.

    • How do I change my preferences?

      Select "My Account" on the title bar and choose the heading for the preference that you want to change including:

      • - Which card(s) are included in your account
      • - Which card is used by default when you link offers
      • - The email address(es) you use for notifications
      • - Which notifications you receive

    • Why do I need to specify a "default" card?

      A default card enables "one click" linking for any Linkable Offer. When you click on or scan the QR code for a Linkable Offer, that offer will be automatically linked to your default card without prompting you to choose a card. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.

    • How do I remove a card from my MyLinkables account?

      On the "My Account" page, show the "My cards" section to configure preferences for each card, including removing it from MyLinkables. If you remove a card from your account, please note that any offers linked to that card will be deleted and any pending payments on offers redeemed on that card will be void. You must leave one card registered with MyLinkables to be able to link new offers.

    • Why does MyLinkables require an email address?

      MyLinkables uses your email address as your unique ID and to deliver important notifications such as:

      • - to enable you to reset your password if you forget it
      • - to alert you if there are significant terms of service changes
      • - to respond to any requests for support you might make by using the Feedback button
      • - to send any of the notifications you choose for available offers and link, redemption, and savings confirmation notices

    • Why do I need to verify my email information?

      MyLinkables does this for account security purposes. Verifying your email address confirms that you are the owner of this email account.

    • How do I verify my email account?

      When you enter your initial email address or add another one later, MyLinkables will send an email to the address so that you can verify your email account. If you cannot find the verification email, please check your spam or junk folder and add our address to your safe list to ensure that all future notifications are successfully delivered. You can resend the verification message from the banner message at the top of any MyLinkables page.

    • How do I add or remove an email address?

      On the "My Account" page, use the "Email" section to add or remove an email address. You must always have at least one email address associated with an account and only verified email addresses can be selected to receive notifications.

    • How do I send a suggestion or question to MyLinkables?

      Select Feedback on the title bar (look up). Complete the form and we will respond quickly.

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    Security & Stuff

    • Why does MyLinkables need my card information?

      An encrypted and unique identifier is created using your credit or debit card number when you register with MyLinkables. Using that secure ID, we notify American Express and Visa (via bank-level secure communication) that you have registered an offer. Once you make a qualifying transaction, we are securely notified by one of these card networks and we authorize the redemption of your Linkable Offer.

    • Will my card be connected to MyLinkables forever?

      No. While we'd hate to see you go, you may delete your card(s), at any time, from the system via the MyLinkables preferences page.

    • How can I delete my MyLinkables account?

      Say it ain't so! If you must, you can delete your account at any time. Deleting your account causes you to permanently forfeit any unpaid savings on your redeemed offers and makes you ineligible to receive savings on your linked offers. However, if you are sure you want to permanently delete your account, use the "Close my account" link at the bottom of the "My Account" page. You will be able to create a new MyLinkables account at any time, but there will be no way to retrieve your original account. And, we will miss you terribly.

    • Does MyLinkables store my credit card information?

      Yes. If you were from Boston, like us, you'd say it is "wicked secure dude." All of our data is stored with bank-level security and encryption. We have achieved the highest level of PCI-compliance (the way bank security is measured). Your trust is our most valuable asset and we protect your information as if it were our own.

    • Why does MyLinkables allow me to add more than one card?

      MyLinkables enables enrollment of multiple cards for your convenience. If you use different credit and debit cards to make different kinds of purchases (like one for groceries, another for dining, etc.), enrolling multiple cards makes it easy for your take full advantage of savings opportunities.

    • How do I know that my information is safe using MyLinkables?

      MyLinkables secures your information with the same 128-bit encryption that your bank uses. We have the highest level of compliance to the PCI standard (again, just like your bank) for our communication with American Express and Visa. And, our company and Privacy Policy are monitored and verified by TRUSTe.


      In addition, MyLinkables enables you to configure email alerts that notify you of MyLinkables activity so you can be confident that only you are accessing your account.

    • If someone does manage to steal my MyLinkables login information, can they access my bank accounts?

      No, MyLinkables encrypts your card number and displays only the last 4 digits of the card within MyLinkables. In addition, details about your banking transactions are not stored in MyLinkables.com. If you believe your account has been improperly accessed (aka: hacked), please notify us immediately.

    • Do you sell or distribute my email address?

      No. Linkable Networks does not sell or distribute user email addresses or credit card information. Ever.

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    About MyLinkables

    MyLinkables is...

    • What company runs the MyLinkables service?

      MyLinkables is a service provided by Linkable Networks, Inc. Linkable Networks created the entire concept of linking a coupon or offer to a credit or debit card. When we first approached MasterCard, Visa and American Express, their responses (once they stopped laughing) were all the same. They asked why they should do this. We told them that it's a better way for consumers to save money. It's easier, faster, smarter and, dare we say, cooler. When we showed them what we had built, they said yes. Now, over 200 million cardholders across the US are ready to save money the new-old-fashioned way... with their credit cards.

    • Where is Linkable Networks located?

      Linkable Networks is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Come visit us! You can hang out with Damon and Affleck on Harvard Yard drinking a Harpoon and throwing footballs with Tom Brady (okay, we can only offer 2 of those).

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