Joining Linkables is free, easy and secure. We will never share your personal information or your credit or debit card number. Linkable Networks works with Visa and American Express using the highest level of software encryption and security. Once you join, we'll send you a confirmation email and then you're ready to save! And, once you've linked your first offer, you never have to enter your credit or debit card information again. Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.
Why does Linkables need my card information?
An encrypted and unique identifier is created using your credit or debit card number when you register with Linkables. Using that secure ID, we notify Visa, American Express and PayPal (via bank-level secure communication) that you have registered an offer. Once you make a qualifying transaction, we are securely notified by one of these card networks and we authorize the redemption of your Linkable Offer. Please review our Security Frequently Asked Questions for more information.
Linkables are cash back coupons Linked directly to your card

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Linkables is a service provided by Linkable Networks, Inc. We created the entire concept of "linking" (or saving) a coupon or offer to a credit or debit card. When we first approached credit card companies about our idea, their responses were all the same - they asked why they should do this. We told them that it's a better way for consumers to save money. It's easier, faster, smarter and, dare we say, cooler. When we showed them what we had built, they said yes. Now, over 180 million cardholders across the US are ready to save money the new, old-fashioned way... with their credit cards.

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Got questions? or call us (617) 986-5240